We have the pleasure of announcing that there will be travel bursaries for students to attend the SASHG 2019 conference. Please download the application form for the information required.

Deadline: 18 April 2019
SUBMIT APPLICATIONS TO: sashgtreasurer@gmail.com

Eligibility criteria for SASHG travel bursaries to attend the SASHG 2019 conference:

  • All full-time or part-time students, interns, registrars, and postdoctoral fellows are eligible.
  • Must be presenting at the conference.
  • Must be a fully paid up member of SASHG.
  • Must have joined before 31st March 2019.
  • Depending on funding constraints, some candidates may receive only partial funding.
  • Successful candidates who have been members for more than one year qualify for more funding.
  • Successful candidates residing in the city hosting the conference may receive less funding than those residing in other cities.
  • Successful candidates have to agree to assist with administrative and other duties during and after the conference (e.g. drafting of a newsletter).